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Bop – A Poetic From and Contest

Thanks to Ani Poet and Poetrywitch Magazine contest, this week, I discovered an interesting poetic form, ‘Bop.’ It’s a relatively new format invented by Afaa Michael Weaver.

The basic rules are:

  1. Three-stanza poem
  2. First six-line stanza presents a problem, followed by a refrain.
  3. Second eight-line stanza shades more light on the problem by elaborating the problem. The same refrain, as stanza one, follows.
  4. Third six-line stanza offers the resolution to the problem. The same refrain, as stanza one and two, follows.

Here is the complete form definition.

And here is the contest information.






Here is the well-known poem, Rambling,” by Afaa Michael Weaver.


Contributors – Vol 1 Issue 1


Paul Beckman
Grace Black
Jade Bradbury
Tom O’Connell
Saadia Faruqi
Jessica Barksdale Inclan
M.J. Iuppa
Brandon Marlon
Makrand Paranjape
Zara Raab
Judy Salz
Ishani Sen
Marianne Szlyk
Amitabh Vikram
Flo Oy Wong
Dallas Woodburn
Ali Znaidi