Testemonials – Poetry Workshop

The next poetry workshop.


March 2018 Poetry Workshop

I loved this workshop. Positive, encouraging feedback was reminiscent of my college workshops in 2012 with Professor, poet and playwright Jacqueline Jones LaMon.
[…] Your kind feedback was helpful, and I was privileged to sit under your instruction. — Linda

I like the whole structure of this workshop. Small-ish, enough time to digest the prompts and then (thank you for making it a separate and second step) come up with a poem.
I would definitely do this again. […]
Also, your feedback was immensely helpful. Two of the suggestions you made helped me clarify some long-standing problems I have been fighting. I do not expect that level of feedback from others in the class — it’s good in terms of pointing out the positives but in this sort of workshop folks hold back on pointing out gaps or deeper issues. So your feedback is important. It’s brief but very much on-point. Appreciated.

Thanks for putting this together. A great joy. — Rebecca

January 2018 Poetry Workshop

It did (met my expectations).  I had a good time working on the prompts and doing some exercises that woke me up to some new and different methods.  I think it was well worth the effort and work. — Jared

I liked that every week had a particular focus with the goal of developing a specific skill. I found that I was able to learn a lot with this approach. — Karen

The lessons were challenging but doable.  Your comments were authentic and after I started to understand more, I was able to put them to use. — Carolyn

Actually, it (the workshop) exceeded my expectations.

Also, I signed on to keep myself motivated to write and polish new pieces.  I was happy that the design of the workshop helped me to achieve that.  — Chris